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Support The Stellar Shelter

AKA The "New Wave Feminists Consistent Life Ethic Center"
in Juárez, Mexico 

Founded in November of 2022, by Karina Breceda and Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa, the Stellar Shelter aims to create a new model of care for migrant mothers and their children along the Texas/Mexico border. Our facility provides temporary housing for vulnerable single women, and pregnant and parenting single mothers and their children as they wait out their asylum cases in Mexico under Title 42.

At the Stellar Shelter, we believe in life affirming hospitality.


It is one thing to encourage a woman to continue her pregnancy, however, without the proper resources (especially along the border) for far too many women, that's simply not an option. That's where the Stellar Shelter comes in. By meeting basic human needs such as secure housing, access to healthcare, and other necessary daily support, mothers who wish to continue their pregnancies will be able to.

This is what true choice looks like - assuring that women have the ability to remain pregnant because they know they can, and they know that they have a sisterhood of other mothers ready to walk alongside them.

Outside of the shelter itself, our property also houses a second building which we hope to turn into a women's healthcare clinic. The clinic will not only serve the residents of the shelter, but also any person seeking pregnancy support as well as well-woman care.

Our dream is to host an array of classes and support groups on the clinic side one day as well - from body literacy and fertility seminars, to lactation and child birth classes.

All of these services are only possible because of y'all's generous support. There was a time not too long ago when we thought we'd never be able to acquire this space, but you all showed up and honestly showed off! Thank you so much for all you've given towards this vision. The women and children we are able serve will feel your love for generations to come!

If you'd like to continue helping with this effort, please consider sharing our Amazon registry with those who have a similar heart for migrant women and children along the border:
Stellar Shelter Wishlist.

And be assured any gift you give, no matter the amount (NWF has been sustained on $5 & $10 donations) will go directly to our efforts at the border. <3

Check out our Stellar Shelter!

About the NWF Center's Co-Founder & Director...

Karina Breceda has lived a life of service for years. From serving migrant families on the US side of the border, to working with women in Juarez who have experienced sexual violence (many of whom became pregnant as a result), she knows how to protect the vulnerable, and nourish their spirits as well as their bodies.

Her tireless dedication to humanizing human beings, as well as creating a culture of life at the border is unmatched.

She is ready to start a revolution of love, one human-to-human encounter at a time.

Her resume includes implementing programs that have been sought after by other esteemed leaders in her community, as a model for how to do it right. She doesn't simply meet the basic needs of those in her care, she walks alongside them, empowering these women every step of the way, and preparing them for the journey ahead.

We are so lucky to count Karina as a New Wave Feminist board member, and she is the perfect person to implement a project of this size. Her years of experience running shelters along the border have perfectly prepared her for this very moment, and no one is better equipped to serve the women of Juarez than she is. This is more than just a building to her, it's the first step in creating a far-reaching culture of life in her community.


To read more about the Stellar Shelter, click here

Past NWF Outreach..

Covid-19 Relief Efforts

Lady Kits.JPG

NWF - Dallas put together 75 "Lady Kits" for families in South Dallas. This area is known as a food desert, so women and girls have less access to basic feminine hygiene and reproductive care supplies.


We were also very grateful for the opportunity to help Abide Women's Health Services in getting necessary supplies to babies and mamas through their "contactless porch drop offs" of essential items like formula, diapers, baby wipes, and breastfeeding support.

Our human dignity doesn’t begin at birth and it doesn’t end at the border…

The 2019 Bottle To The Border campaign was a huge success, dwarfing the one from the year prior. The final campaign took a semi-truck worth of supplies to a respite center in McAllen, TX, as well as monetary donations to two other shelters along the US/Mexico border. 


The Great Texas Tampon Haul!

In response to Hurricane Harvey

Tampon haul - 5.jpg
Tampon Haul - 8.jpg
Tampon haul - 6.jpg
Tampon Haul - 2.jpg

Stop The Flo! (Charolette, NC)

Stop The Flo.jpg
Tampon Haul.jpg
Tampon Haul - 1.jpg
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