AKA The "New Wave Feminists Consistent Life Ethic Center"
in Juárez, Mexico 

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Whew... this journey has been a doozy.


Eight months ago, we felt called to start our own Consistent Life Ethic Center & Shelter in Juarez, MX, where we've been working the last few years.


The whole vision came about when we were looking into renting a property temporarily, and then found what we thought was the perfect space. The only problem was, it was expensive and way more money than our little ragtag organization had ever raised. But as the vision grew, so did y'all's support and donations. 

In just four months, we somehow raised the entire amount.

We were ECSTATIC!!!

And then... it fell through.

And we were devastated.

It didn't make any sense because we had been seeing doors open that shouldn't have and signs EVERYWHERE that seemed to be telling us we were on the right track. Had they all just been in our heads? Had we made them up? One of the main symbols we kept seeing was Stella Maris (the Star of the Sea). It was on walls and logos. We literally couldn't get away from it. It was as if the star was guiding us every step of the way. Until suddenly it, and the shelter we thought we thought it was guiding us towards, just disappeared.

A week after the other property was sold to someone else - and after many depression naps - we got back out there, even though we felt like we'd just been through a tsunami. Maybe that's why the Stella Maris was always around... because it certainly felt like we were lost at sea by this point.

Still, we were kinda done trusting these 'signs from the universe,' because honestly, it felt like they'd led us astray. So now it was just about making logical decisions that would allow us to do the work we felt called to do. That's it.

We looked at a number of other properties. They were all great. Sufficient. They'd be able to meet the needs of the women and children we wanted to serve... but none of them gave us that feeling that we initially had at the first property - that "this is the one" spark which had caused us to embark on this crazy journey in the first place.

As the morning wore on, we were taken to another building that we honestly had very little interest in. As we stood outside of it's massive gates waiting to go it, I found myself saying, "See, we'd need a secure wall like this at whichever place we pick.... and we'd need barbed-wire like that... and we'd want a big strong gate like this one here." Totally assuming these were all things we'd have to get for whatever place we ultimately ended up choosing, because obviously it wasn't going to be this one. After all... this was just... like... a house. 

And then we went behind the massive gate and HOLY COW, Y'ALL. This was no house. It was a massive compound, with an entirely separate finished out clinic off to the side.


Within seconds, we pretty much knew this was going to be our new shelter. Not based on any signs or hippie dippy crap... nah... but because it basically looked like it had been built for our exact needs somehow.

And then, as we were touring the home... the cherry on top... right there, inlaid on the front entryway:

Our Star. Still watching over us, still guiding our steps even if we didn't think we believed in it anymore. 

the Stella Maris was our confirmation that this raggedy group of New *Wave* Feminists had actually been guided through this turbulent sea for a reason. All the ups and downs, all of the crashing waves and crushed dreams, they all brought us here - to our Stellar Shelter.

We currently have this property under contract, and while we've decided to thrown anchor here, we also know that if the bottom falls out, we can and will keep going because this whole experience proved to us that we can. We're really hoping it doesn't though. We have some pretty big dreams for this place.

Outside of being a shelter that will house numerous single mothers and their children, we also envision holding pregnancy & birthing classes, as well as post-abortion recovery groups, fertility awareness classes, and lactation talks at the clinic.

With the legalization of abortion in Mexico, as well as the newly enacted heartbeat bill in Texas, women WILL be crossing the border to access abortion services. Giving women true choices, means offering them alternatives to terminations as well. This property will allow us not only to serve migrant mothers in Juarez, and the community as a whole, but also women crossing the border who might be unsure of the decision they're about to make.

Our goal is to EMPOWER all women with as much information and support as possible - from free STD testing, well-woman exams, sonograms, and pregnancy support, as well as continued resources back home if they've traveled into the city for an abortion and ultimately decide not to go through with it.

This will be the first shelter/women's clinic hybrid in the country, and it's almost as if this space was built with precisely these services in mind. The house is completely separate from the resource and medical building, meaning we will be able to offer these services without disrupting the women and children living at the property.

The money for this shelter has already been raised. But if you would like to give towards sustaining our work, we'd appreciate it so very much! Our activism has been built on y'all's $5 and $10 donations in the past. And I gotta say, I kinda love that about us. We're not a money bags group with huge donors, we're a ragtag team of people who simply want to work to make the world a better and safer place for women and children, and when we all chip in a little, unachievable things just keep happening.

*As an aside, if you've recently won the lottery and would like to give us a large unmarked briefcase of cold hard cash, my offer still stands (although I'm upping it now) - if you donate over $100K I'll tattoo your name somewhere on my body. You get to pick the font, I get to pick the place... deal? ;)


About the NWF Center's Future Director...

Karina Breceda has lived a life of service for years. From serving migrant families on the US side of the border, to working with women in Juarez who have experienced sexual violence (many of whom became pregnant as a result), she knows how to protect the vulnerable, and nourish their spirits as well as their bodies.

Her tireless dedication to humanizing human beings, as well as creating a culture of life at the border is unmatched.

She is ready to start a revolution of love, one human-to-human encounter at a time.

Her resume includes implementing programs that have been sought after by other esteemed leaders in her community, as a model for how to do it right. She doesn't simply meet the basic needs of those in her care, she walks alongside them, empowering these women every step of the way, and preparing them for the journey ahead.

We are so lucky to count Karina as a New Wave Feminist board member, and she is the perfect person to implement a project of this size. Her years of experience running shelters along the border have perfectly prepared her for this very moment, and no one is better equipped to serve the women of Juarez than she is. This is more than just a building to her, it's the first step in creating a far-reaching culture of life in her community.

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Past Campaigns...

Covid-19 Relief Efforts

Lady Kits.JPG

NWF - Dallas put together 75 "Lady Kits" for families in South Dallas. This area is known as a food desert, so women and girls have less access to basic feminine hygiene and reproductive care supplies.


We were also very grateful for the opportunity to help Abide Women's Health Services in getting necessary supplies to babies and mamas through their "contactless porch drop offs" of essential items like formula, diapers, baby wipes, and breastfeeding support.



Our human dignity doesn’t begin at birth and it doesn’t end at the border…

While our official #B2B campaign has ended, if you'd like to continue supporting families at the border, please consider donating the one of the wonderful centers helping them relocate after detainment. Below are the current needs and Amazon Wishlists for each facility. Your donations make a HUGE impact.

***When sending items from an Amazon list, make sure to select the address for the center you are sending to. If the address is not listed, we have included it below so that you can change the shipping address when you checkout on Amazon. Thank you!***



El Paso Respite Center - Ship to: Annunciation House, 1003 E San Antonio Ave, El Paso, TX 79901

Brownsville Respite Center - Ship to: (currently unavailable, will update shortly)

Laredo Respite Center - Ship to: Catholic Charities, c/o Joe Barron, 1701 Main Ave, Laredo, TX 78040

“The Bottles 2 The Border Initiative has been partially supported by a grant from the Consistent Life Network, an international pro-life, pro-peace coalition. New Wave Feminists is proud to be a member of the Consistent Life Network.”


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